Buy well-marbled brisket (in Switzerland: “Suppenfleisch durchzogen”  or “Siedfleisch durchzogen”).

Give it a gentle massage with Mexican style marinating paste, preferably using gloves, and working the marinade into all open clefts.

If your vacuum machine is of the clamp type, wrap the meat in polyethylene cling film (no PVC!), modeling the film as tightly as possible to the meat. To make it slide easily into the vacuum bag, temporarily wrap the package in paper towel.

Let it marinate at 1°C for several days (at least 1 day).

Cook sous vide 48 hrs. at 55°C.


Preheat your oven to 60°C and place a plate in it.

Preheat the plates for serving in your plate-warmer.

Unwrap the brisket over a pan to save all the liquid (meat gravy and liquefied marinade).

Place the brisket on the plate in the oven without dabbing dry.

Boil the gravy, either reduce it to a viscous consistency, or leave it liquid and serve with mashed potatoes.

Cut the brisket into four pieces, exposing more surface to the following searing in smoking hot rice bran oil (or other high smoke point oil) for 15-20 seconds per surface. On the freshly cut surfaces, searing takes a few seconds more than on the marinated surfaces to give a nice crust.


If you reduced the gravy to a viscous consistency, serve the meat on a mirror of gravy.

If you left the gravy liquid, serve the gravy in a sauce pan and serve the meat with mashed potatoes to absorb the gravy (make a lake and play dike reeve).

--PedroG 00:47, October 19, 2009 (UTC)